bfresh spitiko @ Τhe Chamber of Evia awards

bfresh spitiko @ Τhe Chamber of Evia awards

Τhe Chamber of Evia in cooperation with the Federation of Trade and Entrepreneurship and the Federation of Professional Tradesmen and Dealers of Evia organized an event for a special reason.Six awards were given to six businessmen for their innovative...

Corporate Social Responsibility

bfresh spitiko embraces corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of its philosophy. It is important for us to make a positive impact on our community by incorporating social & environmental initiatives within our business practices and activities. We believe that CSR “begins at home”. We endeavour to maintain a safe and pleasant workplace and produce products that meet all quality and safety standards.



We are enganged in practices that contribute to local community & more broadly to our society. We financially support the non-profit foundation against breast cancer «Ε.Μ.Ε.Ι.Σ» which is devoted to helping women in financial need as well as raising breast cancer awareness. Moreover, we actively communicate their action through a campaign that aims to promote their mission. We support vulnerable social groups and welfare organizations such as the Food Bank* or volunteer foundations such as Blood-e** through product donations or other programs. * Food Bank is a Greek body dedicated solely to the alleviation of poverty. . **Blood-e is a voluntary non profit association that aims to increase the proportion of blood donors, to cover the need for blood as well as to inform and promote the blood donation.



We support sporting events and sports clubs by donating funds or products.


Concerning the natural environment, we recycle the organic waste of the production (e.g citrus fruit peel) for the production of compost, which contributes to the improvement of soil quality.

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