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The passion for sports and healthy lifestyle drove me to become a tennis coach.

Always seeking out new opportunities, I also engaged with the water treatment systems in the field of food service.

Connecting these two different areas I came up with the idea of a handmade beverage made from fresh Greek fruit without sugar and  reservatives.

My home kitchen became soon a laboratory where different recipes were made and tested from my partners and friends.

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It was then, when one of my partners asked me “Why don’t you turn this idea into a real product?”

That was the moment I was inspired “bfresh spitiko” served in the innovative jar.

In a short time a passionate team was created!

We all share the common vision to offer a unique taste experience leveraging the wealth of the Greek land and spark memories of our  childhood.”

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Ince our establishment, our non-negotiable rule has been the natural processing of the citrus fruit and the maintenance of the handmade stages of the production, which add great value to our products.

We created a “house” of 1300m2 with a very big kitchen!

We choose the best raw materials which the Greek land can offer.

We preserve the high quality and we are certified according to the international standard ISO 22000:2005.
Moreover, we have certified the organic productionaccording to European Regulations (EU) 834/2007 & (EU) 889/2008.

We develop our own expertise and constantly improve the quality of our products with our in-house analysis
lab and create new, unique flavours that stimulate our senses.

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